Jumat, 23 Oktober 2009

When you build links for your website, it may be big advantage if the links are permanent. Google does not take new links into account and the older the links are the higher value given to them. It is also very time consuming to build links which stay online for a few weeks and then take some action again to build another backlinks. In this article, I will describe the best ways how to get permanent links for your website.

Tip #1:

Write articles and submit them to the article directories. Article directories never delete your articles because these articles are the content which drives traffic to them. The link in the author resource box may also appear on other websites because some article directory owners sell their article databases and the buyers use these databases to quickly build up new articles directories.

Tip #2:

Join various forums and use your signature to get quality backlinks. Use some SEO tool or Firefox extension to check out if the signatures in the forum you are going to use are dofollow. Also make sure that the signatures are displayed even if you are not logged in. Some forums show the signature links only in case you are logged in and this means that the links cannot be spidered by Googlebot.

Tip #3:

When learning something new, find information on weblogs. When you find interesting post, make a comment with link to your website. But use the same strategy like with the forum marketing. Make sure that the links you will get are dofollow. You can use some dofollow weblog search engines to find weblogs which are worth of your reading and which will also give you dofollow link when you post a comment.


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