Kamis, 24 September 2009

Those who have read about search engine optimization they know well what back links are. They have to come across the word at least for once. But who are new to the subject of SEO they must think what the term back links refers and what the importance of back links is. It is nothing but an important thing to build a good SEO. Rather it can be said that Back links have become so important to the scope of Search Engine Optimization, that they have become some of the main building blocks to good SEO.

At first look at the factor why back links are important in search engine optimization. Actually these links are like a voting system and they make the search engine know how much people respect the opinion. Higher the popularity scale, higher the number of back links. They are like voting for you. If lots of people link to your web pages, using anchor text appropriate to your theme, this is taken as validation of your content. The logic is: why would people link to you unless you have something valuable to offer? Exactly for this reason it is considered as a measure of popularity.

Now come to the point that we have hinted at the beginning of this topic. That is web designers and web masters and online publishers take various types of methods both legitimate and illegitimate to get back links. It is indeed very sad that for getting a link you need to give money to another website. For instance, would it make sense if some poker website paid me to put their link on this web design and SEO blog (unless of course I specifically mention that it is an advertisement)? The buying and selling of links has become so rampant that Google is contemplating penalizing people indulging in these tactics?

Now automatically comes the topic how a good position or good way to be found to get quality back links. You should get back links in a normal, natural manner and back linking should be voluntary, not mercenary. For your own satisfaction and in order to keep your business safe and clear you can mention it on your website or blog that you are being paid to publish those links, and Google even goes to the extent of recommending the rel=nofollow attribute for the websites you are linking to if you are publishing external links for extra bucks.

So far the best way of obtaining a higher quality back links is by means of generating valuable content regularly and timely and for a long time. You need to revise it and update it on a regular basis. Your content must be off higher quality and fit the purpose of your website. Webmasters and bloggers enjoying high traffic always like to refer to an external link rather than explaining a topic from scratch. Give people something to link to and see how your traffic surges up.


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