Rabu, 02 September 2009

An increasing number of businesses are establishing an online presence. As a cheaper alternative to websites, they are turning to blogs to promote their products and services. Business blogs are also a good way for companies to communicate directly with their clients. Thus, business blogs are now an invaluable tool for marketing.

How can businesses use blogs to do effective marketing? They can exploit the immediacy of blogs. Blogs are easy to update so posts on new products and services, as well as announcements of upcoming sales, discounts and bargains, can go up on the site as soon as they are written. To complement these posts, you can also include photos and embed videos. In addition, contests can be run on the blog site, which would not only promote the business but also build traffic to the blog.

Blogs also allow for a high level of interactivity between the blogger and the visitor. You can engage your customers by inviting them to post suggestions and share their ideas on your products and services. Blog posts can also be used to answer frequently asked questions. The posts can be updated as new questions arrive.

The secret to a successful business blog is to have new posts frequently. People would lose interest in visiting the site if it is not constantly updated, and it may result in lost customers. A professional-looking design for the blog would also help a lot in making people take your business seriously.

The possibilities in using a business blog for marketing are seemingly endless. Businesses just have to be aware of how to exploit them.


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