Rabu, 16 September 2009

Why Buy a Wireless Printer?

With the advent of wireless technology it has taken longer than one would have expected for printers to take advantage of this form of connection. Up until recently bluetooth was the proposed form of communication with your printer if you wanted a non wired connection. However with more and more homes now equipped with wireless routers, it makes sense to utilize this method to make more flexible use of your printer.

So what are the advantages of printing wirelessly? Firstly it frees up your printer from having to be within proximity of your computer by way of a cable connection. You can now place your printer anywhere in the home where it fits ergonomically or alternatively out of the way where it can't be easily seen. Secondly with more people owning both a desktop PC and a laptop and possibly also a netbook for the kids, they can all access the one printer without having to be connected to it. Most modern laptops are equipped with wi-fi so it is very easy to connect and print quickly and seamlessly. That means printing from anywhere in the house and even the garden if your wireless signal reaches further afield. Thirdly there is no disadvantage in using a wireless printer as they can print at the same speed as a usb connected printer.

Wireless equipped printers now come as inkjet, photo, laser and all in one models. All in one are so called as they are not only a printer but also a scanner, fax and copier providing you with an all round home office solution. Prices are now very reasonable for wireless printers and the choice of models from the major brands is growing rapidly. Like cable connected models it pays to check the cost of printer cartridges when choosing your wireless printer as this will affect your running costs, particularly if you are printing a large number of pages. In this instance a laser printer may be the best choice as it will be cheaper and more reliable for high volumes of printing.

HP, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, Brother and Kodak amongst others all now produce wireless printers. With these well known names in the market it makes sense to buy the best wireless printer for your needs, and free yourself to print anywhere in your home.


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